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Stunning 2013 spring and summer fashion Christian Louboutin Outlet high heels, assembled charm colors, high quality leather overlay animal prints, metallic color interpretation of modern fashion woman style, Polka Dot, embroidery and other decorative pattern is marked with a unique beauty shoes signs. Like a friend can log on to our website to make a purchase charm.Water green high heels heel height of about 14 cm, height 4 cm invisible waterproof, suede fabric. Red, orange and fuchsia embroidery, gold ornaments, almond-shaped toe, no Strap Pumps.Black and beige sandals, handmade, twine wrapping heel height of about 11.5 cm. Leopard print cotton fabric, open-toed almond shaped toe, ankle with Velcro laces.Black and white Christian Louboutin Shoes, heel height of about 14 cm, height 2.5 cm water table. Polka dot pattern printed calf hair, black patent leather fabric texture golden fabric stitching, almond-shaped toe open toe, ankle with Velcro laces.Stone gray sandals, heel height of about 12.5 cm, semi-hidden waterproof height of about 2.5 cm, patent leather fabric. Neon pink neoprene inlay, hollowed design, the side elastic inlay, open-toed almond shaped toe, ankle with Velcro laces.Hayworth cream sandals, handmade, heel height of about 14 cm, height of about 4 cm waterproof. Raffia, black cross car suture, almond-shaped toe open toe, crossover Velcro ankle strap, with the shoe attached a sticky Polaroid photos, photos can be glued to the shoe box.Unique design, smooth, hollow soles, it seems very abstract, but shoes with a high strength, high elastic material, comfort is very high!

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Recommended several 2013 fashion women Christian Louboutin Sale high-heeled shoes, unique design, brilliant colors plus youth beautiful patterns and exquisite workmanship, very sexy. I believe you put on it, the moment will become more elegant and moving.Fluorescent colors are hot nowadays,The fluorescent yellow "Lance" sandals from Christian Louboutin UK store can let us first sight. This patent leather design exquisite, with the support of the closure and elastic side pockets effect is to ensure comfort. Recommended with black and white clothing, so this style sandals become the focus. Heel height of about 11.5 cm.Black suede lace shoes will charm hollow design with an extremely comfortable in wearing with perfect fusion. Recommended with skilful pants, a single product with the unique fabric of this contrast. Heel height of about 8.5 cm.Fluorescent lemon yellow satin dress heels for any hint of glamor injected. The high-heeled shoes decorated with graffiti style pattern, will make your favorite leather jacket and jeans fashion degree jump, to lead 2013 spring and summer fashion trend. Heel height of about 12.5 cm, 5 cm high water table.The series designer romantic love with Paris as a source of inspiration. The high-heeled shoes decorated with Europe Wataru yarn rosette mesh trim and stitching, day or night, absolutely let you steal the show. Heel height of about 15 cm with 4 cm waterproof.The leather and suede high-heeled shoes made ​​by hand, using the cream and pale pink heart-shaped applique stitching design, will become your footwear collection very romantic new members. Recommended with matching lace trim stockings, perfect show beautiful bride dress. Heel height of about 15 cm with 4 cm waterproof.Ever-changing, long charm and cascading posture.The world of is filled with multi-faceted, as seen through a kaleidoscope of mirrors in general, there is separation, there is refraction, as well as interpretation. Design quite low heel pointed masculinity, their silver heels make the wearer step brilliance; heels heel is studded with sparkling rhinestones. This season black, blue, green and gray color-based play, but there are some jade color, light blue and white mix; transparent tulle, crystals and reflective material applied to day wear more shine.